Sunday, 3 May 2015

Isn't she gorgeous?

So we have a new princess..will she be Alice or Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana or ?
What ever they chose for her name, no can deny she is beautiful.
Congratulations to her proud parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
A day to remember.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Coping at one day at a time.

Yes, I still have the brace and harness! I saw the orthopaedic consultant, a Mr Shiv-shanka, on Tuesday. He was very nice and said the x-rays showed the bone was in alignment and to keep the brace for at least another 4 WEEKS!!! My face must have shown how I felt, because he said it wasn't up to him how long it would take, but mother nature! LOL He added if he could, he'd heal it in a day! But he arranged for me to have the brace adjusted so that the bits that were hurting me could be sorted.
At the plaster clinic the young , no very young boy! a plaster technician, took off the brace with me ow ow-ing because part of it was stuck into my arm, as where the original nurse had put it on she hadn't covered all the velcrose and it was imbedded in my under arm!  He cut bits off but it is still hurting me so I am going to push some cotton wool under the edge bit that hurts. I had to take off the sling for the x-ray, which hurt,  but not too bad so I took it off that night and was able to put my arm through the sleeve  of my nightie, and then put the sling back on, which was a lot more comfortable .
Yesterday I had to take paracetamol every 4 hours as all that movement of my arm gave me a lot of pain. And I have the return of pain today. I don't want to do anything in fact may go and lie on the bed. Tuesday was exhausting, we were at the hospital 3 hours.. I queued to sign in, queued for x- ray, queued for the Dr who I saw for less than 5 mins! then queued for the plaster dept, then queued to make the follow up app. which is for 2 weeks time.  I went wearing knicks and came home knickerless! I went to the loo before we left the hospital; I can push them down, but I still can't  pull them back up!
 I slept all that evening till DH woke me for bed at 10:30 and then I slept till 6:00am
Hospitals are exhausting! And I have to do it all over again in 2 weeks time

And some more beautiful flowers, these from my DD..A box of hyacinths which don't just look lovely but have a heavenly scent.
Just one day at a time is true, I am coping......... but some times I forget and see the lovely sunshine in the conservatory and think... be nice to sit in there and knit! Thank you all for your get well wishes, they mean such a lot to me.



Sunday, 26 April 2015

A fresh look to our garden

It rained quite heavily in the night. I didn't hear it because I slept really well.
I am so much better. I still can't move my arm, but I can rotate my hand which I couldn't till yesterday, so I am healing.
Still can't do a whole lot of things, but it is a lot easier.. it doesn't hurt so much getting out of bed and as I am sleeping by myself in our back bedroom,  I can see our garden out of the window. Sorry about the washing lines, but DH has done so much washing he left them up. I  love the tulips and will buy some more for next year.
I am getting impatient now and looked at some quilting sites and found a quilt pattern for some fabric I've had a while  and also I am missing my cross stitch, and I am annoyed I didn't get that cardigan finished.. but as soon as I can I will be doing as much of everything I can. Thank you to all who have wished me better, lovely to read your comments.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I have become a 'lefty'

......without my right arm.....but I am just about coping.
Each day my arm is a little better, but the brace and harness is torture.
It is uncomfortable and awkward and bits of it have rubbed my arm, neck and back raw, so I have silk scarves tucked between it and me. 
I can't wear a bra or a top that isn't big enough to go over my arm rather than put it through the sleeve.
But I am managing to wash in the shower without the shower head and the water pressure turned down so I can soap myself and then with my left hand hose myself down
I am sleeping but wake early,  so have to have an afternoon nap!
The flowers are from my #1 son and cards from friends and one from a blogging friend, Cath. Thank you Cath
These are from my SD so lovely of her to think of me.
Dressing is not fun and I can't wear knicks because I can't get them down or up with one hand. I still have some pain so keep up with the tabs.
I have an appointment next Tuesday so hope the Dr will say I can go without the brace and harness.
But all in all, and all things considered I greet each new day with a thankful prayer that I have my lovely patient, kind and very loving DH.
Thank you for all the  get better wishes and prayers, they are a great help.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Rabbits, mouse, Gorgeous Giftedness and a broken arm!

This is Rosa rabbit, she is in her new home with Cath of stitchin chicken.I wanted to give Cath something for her kindness in searching for the chart Fairies in the Bottom of our Garden.. She emailed she has it so I can post pic of what I sent her.
Here is Mimi mouse and Rosita rabbit. Mimi is going to my grand daughter to help her with her studies for her Uni finals this May with some chocs for energy!!
Rosita is going to my #2 son and his DW as a friend for his monkey Brian in their motor home when they are off to France on holiday this summer


And this is my progress of my Fairies. I did quite a bit but couldn't post this on the 15th because on the 14th I fell and have broken my right arm, on the 15th I was in Colchester hospital!
I am typing this very slowly with my left hand. The break is a bad one and I have not had it manipulated and put in a cast because the surgeon said it was too involved with the nerves in my arm and I could lose some use of my hand and end up with a limp wrist. I got very weepy when he was telling me. He was very kind and explained that this conservative treatment would be best, so I have on a brace, harness and sling. it is very painful and I have had a lot of moans and tears
I have to have it on for two weeks DH has bought me some baby wipes so I can sort of clean my bits and pieces!!LOL
But it is very awkward and I am only just coping, every thing hurts.
I could do with some prayers please.