Wednesday, 18 November 2015

I can knit !!!

Each Christmas I knit a pair of socks for each of my grand children, actually I should say grand young people as GD is 21, #1 GS is 19 and the youngest is 15. They all tower over me! 
It has been a struggle as it isn't as easy as crochet as I have to move my arm, but here is the first pair completed. I wondered if they wear them but when I visited them the other week, the youngest had on a pair, except they were odd. Both hand knitted and a blue colour but odd! My DD was wearing a pair belonging to #1 GS as she was gardening and wearing wellies!. So they do get worn..
I even knitted this last weekend when we visited my cousin who has bought a very swish barn conversion in Shifnal. We had a lovely long weekend with her; it is out in the country and we walked through the autumn fallen leaves. She fed us well with home baked apple pie, and other treats, I put on weight!!
Home again now and another Christmas cake is in the oven, this one for my #3 son.
How are your Christmas preparations going?

Monday, 9 November 2015

Still here......

Thank you everyone for your kind comments about my broken arm. The exogen treatment is going ok. The 20 minutes goes in a flash and the machine records all the treatments. It is just a hand sized unit with the plug part on a curly wire that is held in place with a strap.
I don't feel anything at all. I was expecting to feel waves of warm or something but disappointingly nothing. Only another 70 plus days to go! I shall be having it on Christmas day!!
I have been able to do some knitting and started socks for my grand children.
My camera seems to have gone phut so no photos, sorry.
I have been reading blogs of those people, mainly women who have decided to blog about living frugally. They are fascinating and buy food from supermarkets at near closing time when a lot of fresh food stuff has a marked down price on 'yellow stickers.'
So I decided to look at what we buy. But we make a list linked to a weekly menu so we buy what we need not what's on offer, although if something we needed was on offer we would buy it.
We rarely if ever throw food out and at least once a week have a 'bottom of the fridge' soup. Today I had a root veg soup with some home grown squash and frozen peas added for a variety of colour and it was delicious. I struggled to cut up the veg into small chunks (DH is visiting his Dad who is not well and his mum) but I managed.
I think over these seven months my left hand has got stronger and I can do things that I couldn't before.
Thank you again everyone. I am not going to lie and say I am happy, happy,  because I am not,  I am still having weepy days and my diet has gone right out the window!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Bad news about my arm!!

My broken arm goes on and on and on, grrrrrrr!! Today I have seen a very nice Consultant whose name was Ravi Ray! (nice name!)My humerus has not healed, here I am week 28 and it still hasn’t healed. But I am having exogen treatment which is ultra sound on my arm where the fracture is, 20 minutes each day. Because it is a very expensive treatment the consultant had to apply for it and it has been approved so I suppose I should be grateful but I have gone a long time with no treatment at all, except for the brace which I hated at first, but I  have got used to it and I feel secure when I am wearing it as it protects my arm. This treatment is for 12 weeks!! Can you believe that, 12 more weeks or maybe more? I don’t understand because I am taking extra calcium and multivitamins and doing the exercises….

 I am fed up and having trouble getting jumper sleeves over the brace.. so this afternoon diet out the window and I have had toasted currant bun with lots of butter… yummy. So I am keeping positive and praying, surely this will work!  So please remember me in your prayers, I need lots.
Chris xx

Monday, 26 October 2015

Such a busy time..

I saw this on Attic24's blog, a multi coloured poncho, so I decided I'd make one for me.
I am having problems getting jumper sleeves over my brace and in an evening this would ideal. I sometimes wear my shawl but this was a bit of a stash buster too! 
Crocheting is some I can do and it's good for my hand, as sewing is still difficult and still causes tweaks of pain.
And sorry this is the 'C' word!!

 I have made the first Christmas cake( I always make some for my grown up sons as well as us.) and a very large pudding as we are joining with DH's daughter and her hubby for Christmas in Yorkshire. DH's  other twin daughter will be joining us as well , so quite a different Christmas for us as we always stay home.
And not to be out done, Dh has made mince meat.. we have already given some away, it will be ready to use in a months time.
I can't wait to make the pies but with my arm still not ok I will need help or I could let DH make them!!
Have you started your Christmas baking yet?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

For Downton Abby fans

A treat for Downton fans, I loved it..get your cup of tea or coffee, sit and enjoy


Chris xx