Wednesday, 29 July 2015

9 Years today!!

It was a very hot and sunny day nine years ago when Mike and I married.
I had the hat made for a previous friends wedding and so just had to add some aqua feathers to the white ones to match my outfit.

Don't know why the photo is on the squiff!!  It was a very happy day and it has been a very, very happy nine years.
 DH and I were email friends, we started writing to each other in 2004. I had changed schools in 2002 and suddenly found I needed computer skills so bought my first laptop. Playing around I found a penpal site and DH was one of six people I choose to write to. We agreed to meet when DH and I had been writing for a year and a year later we married.
It has been a real blessing meeting him and I say a silent prayer of thanks hundreds of times each week and 'I love you' to him every day
I still write to two ladies, one in Australia who we stayed with for a few days when we visited there. And the other lives in UK and we fill pages with talk all about gardens and families..
Hope all my blogging friends have been blessed with a loving happy relationship too.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Such a wonderful day with a wonderful grand daughter

Saskia Christine Amelia. B.Sc
My lovely grand daughter proudly standing tall for her degree ceremony, and so she should having got a 2:1
We had such a good time. She had planned and organised the day for us and then all the family met up in the evening for dinner.
She will be 21 next month, where did those years go to?
She was a beautiful baby and she has grown into a beautiful young woman, with a talent for putting people at ease and keeping her brothers in check!!
Here we are together.
 And her brothers taller than me these days.
You can see my ugly brace in this pic!
And all the family, proud parents and the other G/parents.
We had such a super time, and the three days away were like a mini holiday.
I came home tired but very, very happy

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The answer was NO......

.....when I asked could I have the brace off! My little face showed my disappointment and it was hard not to burst into tears.
But the Dr explained that while I was still experiencing pain, it hadn't healed sufficiently to go without the brace.
He has suggested some ultrasound treatment as I have already been 15 weeks, however as it is a costly treatment his dept. has to request funding!
We were there nearly three hours, but as  I had  requested to attend a hospital near to where we live, we didn't have to drive to Colchester but attended at Basildon. So we did do a little bit of shopping in Basildon.
And I bought Harper Lee's new book, and also her one other book
'To Kill A Mockingbird.'
Like most people I have seen the film and I saw a stage version which was amazing.
I needed to re-read it, and I am loving it all over again. 

I can't wait to start reading this new book written it seems before 'To Kill A Mockingbird.'
Although all the reviews suggest that Atticus, now in his seventies is racist;
I can only think of him as the upright, quiet man who strove to give his children Jem and Scout a view of life that was honest and fair and who treated the black people with respect. Will I change my mind?
When I am reading this is who I see............
Ahhhhh...... didn't he play the part right into our hearts??
 Thank you for all your kind comments, I will try to do some stitching again this coming week and it is my 7th blogaversary this month so as soon as I am able I will be doing a give-away

Sunday, 12 July 2015

I am still here

Just a short hello to say I am still here struggling with my broken arm! I have a hospital appointment next Tuesday and I am hoping that I will have this brace off. It will be 15 weeks.. The last few weeks I have tried to do more but as my hand is very swollen it is impossible to do much. No further stitching as I can't hold the needle with my swollen fingers.
Still I have enjoyed watching the tennis, although it would have been even better if Andy had won!
I have looked at some beautiful blogs, so many talented women who display their work wonderfully and take superb photos. I can't wait to be back to stitching, sewing, knitting and crocheting.. in fact I have looked longingly at so many quilting sites and yarn sites, which have given me some super ideas, can't wait!!

And of course if I hadn't had my DH I wouldn't have coped. He has patiently helped me dress, listened to my moans and encouraged me when I have cried in frustration and taken me off for picnics and walks to help with my 'fedupness' of being in the house and unable to do the simplest of things.
He has cooked, done the housework, although I can do the dusting and tidying, it takes me ages. He has washed the clothes, done the ironing and gardened. 
I can never thank him enough.
He has been an absolute love!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

A small start !!

It wasn't easy and I was very slow but I have stitched a few stitches on my favourite piece.
This is where I left it 12 weeks ago, yes it has been that long.
Does anyone remember me saying I hoped to have the brace off on my second visit at the hospital, just a few weeks after I broke my arm?
How silly of me!!
It takes at least 3months or more to heal a broken bone.
But I am hopeful that on my next visit I will have the brace off.   Only 2 1/2 weeks to go, yipeee!!!
This broken arm has turned my world upside down, but with lots of blessings and a lot of help I am surviving!